Maserati Gran Turismo Rental Mosvow


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Come and take Maserati Gran Turismo from Moscow

There’s a perfect fit for traveler and Maserati Gran Turismo is perfect for you. The interior of the GranTurismo offers the highest levels of comfort, making long journeys a true pleasure. The onboard experience is unparalleled, both for the driver and for those who enjoy the car as passengers. The GranTurismo’s exceptionally comfortable sports seats are upholstered in the finest leather that comes courtesy of Poltrona Frau®, one of the world’s leading leather companies. The contours of the seats and the seatbacks have been designed to provide the torso and legs with plenty of support, especially during high speed cornering. At the front, the seats are electrically controlled.

Understand that the GranTurismo has been created to use every day and you’ll soon appreciate the fact that it hasn’t been wound down on track-attack springing and rock-solid dampers (though some models have). There’s a huge amount of grip available here with either the computer-controlled ‘Skyhook’ suspension or the steel-spring option, it’s just that to get the broader-brush ability the extremes of sense have necessarily been censored. Try the GT-Sport or MC Stradale if you need faster, harder and stronger.

Fast but not devastating, despite a good-looking set of on-paper figures. The GranTurismo is powered by a Ferrari-derived 4.2-litre V8 with just over 400bhp, the full whack arriving late-ish in the rev-range. The sprint to 62mph arrives in just 5.2 and the top speed is 177mph, even with the added handicap of the slow-ish paddle-override automatic gearbox. There’s a 4.7-litre 450bhp ‘Sport’ version which is faster, hitting 0-62mph in 4.7 seconds. Then there’s the MC Stradale, a 442bhp V8.